Quick Fix Up Tips For Your Bike Before Spring Hits

It's currently the middle of winter, but spring is coming up soon. If you are someone who loves to go bike riding, then you are probably already planning out some really cool bike rides. And while bike riding is super fun and planning out your excursion is important (and can also be fun during the doldrums of winter) it's also important that you plan out a time to have your bike inspected and fixed up. You never want to take a bike that has been sitting in storage all winter and immediately take it out and ride it out in the world. There are too many things that can go wrong. The wisest thing to do is to bring your bike into a repair shop, like Sarasota Cyclery Inc, and have the following things checked out.

Check The Derailleur

The derailleur is important because if it is not functioning properly you won't be able to switch gears. The derailleur might have been banged out of place and might be in need of an adjustment. If that's the case, then the repair shop can simply adjust the settings and move it back into place. If, on the other hand, the derailleur is damaged, you will need to have it replaced. But it can be difficult to tell if you're not an expert, which is why you need to bring the bike into a professional repair shop.

Make Sure The Brake Lines and Pads Work

Test out the brake lines. You can do this by inverting the bike and peddling and then using the handle bar brakes. If the pads look worn down and don't stop everything right away, or if the brakes don't work at all, then you will need to get either the pads or the lines fixed. It's a relatively simple process but an important one.

Tire Tread Is Important

You never want to hit the road (be in pavement or dirt) without proper tire tread. If the tires were worn down last season and you never replaced the tires, then you are putting yourself into harm's way. So have the tires checked and replaced if necessary.

Have The Shocks Inspected

Finally, you want to test out the shocks. If the bike has not been ridden in a while, the shocks might have become frozen. You can have a bike repair shop apply a lubricant and also use special tools to fix the shocks, or, if the shocks are cracked or otherwise broken, you should have them replaced.