3 Types Of Necessary Equipment To Start Playing Cricket

If your child wants to take up cricket this year, you are going to need to make sure that they have the right equipment to learn the sport. You are going to need to invest in some basic equipment in order for your child to practice the sport on their own and be a part of a team.

#1 Ball

The first thing that you need to purchase is a cricket ball. Cricket balls are really hard and heavy. The outside of the ball is covered in leather, but the inside is made of cork. The weight of the ball that your child will need depends upon the league that your child will participate in. Contact the league your child will participate in to find out what weight of cricket ball you need to purchase for your child.

#2 Bat

Second, your child will need a bat. Each child needs to have their own bat for hitting the cricket ball with. Cricket bats are flat, not round like a baseball bat. Cricket bats vary in both length and weight. The length of your child's cricket bat really depends upon their size, so you will need to use your child's height to find the right cricket bat for them.

#3 Protective Gear

Cricket is a contact sport, and the ball is really hard and powerful, which is why cricket requires a degree of different protective gear. The exact protective equipment that your child will need depends upon the position that they end up playing. At a young age, your child will probably play a variety of different positions, so you want to make sure that they have the protective gear to learn all of the positions.

There are two different types of gloves necessary for cricket. The wicket keeper gloves are have webbed fingers and are less cushioning to help you catch the ball. Batsman gloves have thicker padding and no webbing.

Batsman and fielders have to wear helmets, which protect their head from flying balls. Cricket balls are strong, and you don't want a cricket ball to hit your child's head.

Both batsmen and wicker keepers were abdominal guards and leg pads.

Before your child starts playing cricket, make sure that your child has their own protective gear and bat. Get your child a cricket ball for practice at home. Check with the league that your child is joining to find out if they will provide any of this equipment and what equipment you are responsible for providing. 

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