3 Reasons You Need Overgrips For Your Tennis Racquet

Tennis a great sport for anyone looking to get exercise or just wanting to get more active. If you've decided to start playing tennis, you may already have your racquet and outfit, but there are more tools you may need. Overgrips are one such tool that has many benefits for new and seasoned players alike. Check out these three reasons you need overgrips on your tennis racquet.

1. Helps Protect the Racquet's Natural Grip

As with any sport, if you want to excel, you need excellent equipment. No, a high-quality tennis racquet won't improve your game, but a cheap, flimsy one will cause you to play worse. However, finding a great tennis racquet can be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, you want to keep it in excellent condition. If you use the natural grip that came with the tennis racquet, it quickly becomes damaged. At this point, you have three options: get a new racquet, pay for costly repairs or play with a damaged piece of equipment that will affect your game. An overgrip covers the natural grip, protecting it, and they are much more affordable to replace.

2. Reduces Pain and Blisters

Blisters and pain from using a tennis racquet are common, especially if you are new to playing tennis. Playing without overgrips increases the chance of causing a blister because your hand is repeatedly being rubbed against the rough texture. If you do develop a blister, you may have to avoid some activities including tennis until your hand heals. Even if you don't develop a blister, the rough texture may cause your hands to become rough and calloused. Overgrips provide a more comfortable hold that reduces blisters and friction.

3. Easier to Grasp

You need a firm grasp on your racquet to play tennis, especially for those one-handed hits. Overgrips make it easier to grip the racquet in many ways. Firstly, it makes the handle a little thicker, which makes it a little easier for some people to hold without causing pain or damage. However, overgrips that are too thick can make it harder to hold the racquet. Overgrips also give you more traction, so your hand isn't slipping around the handle or flying out of your hand when you swing. Last, overgrips absorb sweat well, so the handles don't get slick and wet.

Even if you are new to tennis, you want to start off right, so you can play your best without causing injury to yourself or damage to your expensive racquet. If you would like more information regarding custom overgrips, contact a company like PERSONALIZED OVERGRIPS.