Tips for Dealing with a Wallet Chain as a Skateboarder

Many skateboarders wear a chain that connects their wallet and their belt, both of which may be produced by Thrasher. As a skateboarder, a wallet chain is equal parts style and functionality. Its presence, dangling low next to your thigh, definitely oozes cool—and it can also prevent acts of pickpocketing, which might be an issue in a busy skate park. If you've recently bought a wallet chain and are excited to use it, you definitely want to take the right approach. Here are some tips for effectively dealing with this skateboarding accessory.

Pair It with the Right Wallet

Before you work on attaching your wallet chain, you want to be sure that you're using the right wallet with it. While a wallet chain can work with any wallet with a metal ring, you generally want a wallet that zips up. A wallet that doesn't can be problematic during a wipeout—the chain may keep the wallet within reach, but its contents will often spill around the ramp or bowl on which you're skateboarding. Should you use a zippered wallet, the wallet may come out, but its contents will stay safe.

Set The Right Length

Wallet chains are sold in several lengths, and different boarders prefer different looks. Some people like a long wallet chain that hangs toward the outside of the knee, while others prefer one that is shorter. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but you should note that the shorter the chain, the less cumbersome it will be. If you buy a wallet chain that is a little too long for you, you don't need to cut it. Instead, just wrap the end that you secure to your belt around the belt a few times until the chain hangs at your desired length.

Tuck It When Necessary

A wallet chain certainly looks cool hanging down from your waist when you're skateboarding, but you may sometimes find that it gets in the way when you're attempting a trick. The last thing that you want is to snag your arm on the wallet chain and rip the chain off your body or, worse, hurt yourself in some way. An effective strategy to remember is that if you're going to try an advanced trick, first grab the chain and stuff it into your pocket. It will still keep your wallet safe, but it won't dangle in the way.

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