3 Benefits Of Horseback Riding For Teenage Girls

One great way to help your teenage daughter develop a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency, as well as a natural outlet for emotions, is to encourage her to sign up to learn new skills that combines the outdoors with physical exercise. Horseback riding is ideal because it allows your daughter to learn and achieve something unique, form a close bond with an animal, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and can even look great on college applications. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of horseback riding for teenage girls.

Horseback Riding Develops Several New Skills

Horseback riding combines a variety of physical and cognitive skills, strengthening both. Your daughter will need to learn to make small physical adjustments to get the results she wants, leading to better discipline and self-control. She will need to learn how to communicate via verbal and non-verbal cues in order to develop a relationship of mutual respect and understanding with her horse. As she advances from a beginner to an intermediate rider, and perhaps even decides to participate in riding competitions, she will gain a huge sense of achievement.

Horseback Riding is a Break From Technology

Sure, she will probably want to snap a few Instagram photos of her horse, but in general, horseback riding is a refreshing and wholesome break from technology. With most teens glued to their phones and tablets 24 hours a day, doing something challenging in the great outdoors and getting a great workout at the same time is a welcome break. Instead of looking at pictures on her phone as a passive consumer of social media, she will be experiencing something rewarding and unique herself. 

Horseback Riding Will Boost Her Mood

It's normal for teens to be a bit moody and temperamental, but also healthy to help them find natural ways to improve their mood and outlook. The combination of exercise, fresh air, and bonding with her horse is a great way for your daughter to release extra endorphins and other mood-boosting hormones. Seeing your daughter smiling and proud after a few hours at the stable may be all the reason you need to sign her up for horseback riding lessons. 

When signing up your daughter for horseback riding lessons, make sure she has a good pair of riding boots and a high-quality helmet as well as an experienced instructor. Stores like EQU Lifestyle Boutique offer these and other essentials. Your daughter will soon be able to experience these benefits for herself.